Classic-Line – a Homage to Our Origins

It goes without saying that the Classic Series has nothing to do with the style of music termed 'classical'. Instead, this series is concerned with PIEGA technology that has stood the test of time. Approximately 30 years ago, Kurt Scheuch developed the LDR ribbon tweeter, with the first coaxial mid-range and high-frequency driver worldwide emerging in a second developmental step in the year 2000. Both systems were further developed, optimised and acoustically perfected over the years; both systems continue to be deployed in PIEGA loudspeakers, gladdening the hearts of exacting audiophiles the world over with a flawless, refined sound pattern. We consider the Classic Series to be a homage to our origins.

The three premium models of the Classic Series are clearly distinct from the other PIEGA loudspeakers in that they boast an elegantly rounded 'C' shape and a forward-leaning top section. Each of the three variously-sized floor-standing loudspeakers has a differently mounted tweeter and mid-range driver.

In addition to the three imposing luxury loudspeakers, the Classic Series also includes four models that are no less elegant but considerably more cost-effective; these are available in cabinet variants sporting a piano black or white finish or high-gloss, or a reddish, high-gloss, wood-finish Macassar ebony.

The four Classic entry-level models offer more than just compelling styling: They also have innovative technical components and captivating musical qualities.